What is motivation and inspiration?

The terms motivation and inspiration are usually used to describe similar thought processes and activities. However, there is a distinct difference between the two.


Becoming motivated

Motivation is about convincing yourself to complete a task that may seem daunting, or not particularly enjoyable. We motivate ourselves to work through the difficult processes to achieve the rewards that we will receive at the end.

You can become motivated to peruse a task that you do not care about as much as a project that truly inspires you. If there are benefits to completing the task you will be able to psyche yourself up to get the job done.

Motivation is about preparing yourself psychologically for the task at hand. When you motivate yourself, you are a cheerleader for your efforts so far. You need to be reminding yourself of your goals and where you are trying to get to.

Motivating yourself is the method of overcoming the barrier that you need to pass to reach the fulfilment that comes from success. You will have devised a plan and will need to stick to the strategy to reach your goal.

Finding Inspiration

When you are inspired to complete a project, you will be drawn towards the work without the need for motivation. You will be driven be desire rather than a sense of duty. The task that you are inspired by may not even produce a practical benefit. It is a craving of the soul.

Inspiration for work creates a passion for engaging in it. You may be compelled to begin right now and feel the need to restrain yourself.

Work that inspires you is like a calling. Completing your project is fulfilling in itself. In fact, when you are inspired, you can think about little else.

motivation vs inspiration

To conclude, a project which requires motivation is usually a task which you are required to endure. The work that needs motivation is practical and a means to an end.

In contrast, the idea which inspires you is felt throughout your soul. It is easy to get involved and it is difficult to pull yourself away from completing it.

How to keep inspired

From the introduction detailed above, motivation and inspiration seem to be processes which are opposite and almost in conflict. The objective is to know how much of each element is required for the point in life where you currently find yourself.

You can think of inspiration as a pulling force and motivation as a pushing force. Both are needed for various tasks and a healthy balance in your life is required to ensure that you stay on the right track.

If you find that you need more motivation to complete your daily tasks or current career path, you may need to rethink the direction that you are moving towards. Realigning your goals can help you find inspiration once more.

When life feels like it is no longer enjoyable, it can seem like your work is produced for other peoples expectations. This is when you should reevaluate what is important to you.

Keep reassessing your goals

Inspiration is a result of addressing your lifestyle choices when work begins to feel like a process rather than a fulfillment of a desire. Keep assessing your inward feeling and understand what is right for you now, at this time in your life. What may have been beneficial once may no longer be working for you.
Remember that every day is an opportunity to learn, adapt and progress. There is never a point when we reach perfection. Once you believe that you are working on the best plan and have found the solution to happiness, you stop progressing.

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